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Petr Soural Astrology Astro-Seek
my name is Petr Soural (user profile: Petr9).
I'm an enthusiastic hobby astrologer, professional architect and occasional webdesigner from Prague, Czech Republic in Europe.

I founded, created and maintain this website.

If you have any question regarding this website:

I would like to thank the following people who helped make it possible for this website to be translated into other worldwide languages:
Karen Tara Astrology Astro-Seek
Arianna Acquaviva è un'appassionata di astrologia e traduttrice, italiana.

Ha tradotto interamente questo sito in italiano Italianosezione italiana.

Puoi contattare Arianna:
Yana Yanovich Astrology Astro-Seek
Yana Yanovich is an astrologer, blogger and English teacher from Russia.

She translated this entire website into РусскийRussian language.

You can contact Yana on:
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